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5 Out of 5 Stars on Google

If your dream home doesn’t have your dream backyard, this guide is for you. Designing your own landscaping can be overwhelming. No matter your budget, a custom lawn, and landscape design will boost the value of your home and provide some much-needed outdoor living space.

We’ll go over ten reasons why going pro for a custom landscaping design is well worth the investment. Here’s our go-to guide to the many benefits of using custom landscape and design services. Let’s dig in.

1. Professionals Know Plants

It’s a landscaper’s job to understand and know plants. While you may love the look of a certain flower, a landscaper will know that they can be harmful to your family dog, for example. Landscapers know what plants will work best for your specific space and family.

The best part about working with a professional to design your landscaping is that they take care of all of the homework. Landscapers can tell you which plants are best for privacy, which provide shade, or which will attract butterflies. Whatever goals you have, your professional landscaper can recommend plants that will help you achieve them.

2. Landscapers Understand Your Climate and Soil

One of the most important things to understand with landscaping is what type of soil and climate you have. In Florida, there may be ten days of sunshine in a row. Your landscaper will know which plants can withstand the heat.

Your landscape designer will know which plants will thrive in the Sarasota area. They can also recommend retaining walls, hardscapes, or lighting that can protect your outdoor space.

3. Professional Landscapers Have the Right Tools

Professional landscapers have all of the proper tools to create the yard of your dreams. When it comes to excavating and Bobcat services, for example, some things are better left to the professionals. When you need your job done correctly and safely, call in the pros.

4. Your Project will be Built to Code

If you’re considering adding a concrete patio or removing large trees, you may need to abide by city building codes. Your landscapers are licensed and insured and well versed in city codes. Don’t get slapped with an expensive citation.

5. Landscapers Help Save You Time

Your time is valuable. Professional landscapers will save you a ton of time. They can work with you on implementing your vision. All you’ll have to do is sit back and enjoy your new outdoor space.

You’ll save yourself countless hours running back and forth to stores trying to find what you need. Not to mention all the tools, soil, mulch, and rock you’ll have to haul. Let a professional help you from start to finish.

6. Your Home Will Have Better Curb Appeal

Your front yard is the first thing people see when they come to your home or apartment complex. Impress visitors, potential renters, buyers, friends, and family with a beautifully landscaped space.

You can add new walkways, trees, seating areas, custom landscape lighting, and flowers to enhance the curb appeal of your home. These improvements will transform the look of your yard.

7. You’ll Use More Outdoor Space

If you aren’t currently utilizing your outdoor space, you’re missing out. You may have tons of untapped potential. Use landscaping to create new and improved outdoor living spaces.

You can add an outdoor patio complete with lush trees and flowers to enjoy all year long. When you have a great outdoor space, you’ll be excited to eat, entertain, and hang out outside. You’ll be amazed at how much time you spend in your new space.

8. Landscaping is Better for the Environment

Green space is great for the environment. Grass can actually keep your yard cooler than soil or asphalt. Trees and grass also help to retain dust, smoke, and other pollutants found in the air. Trees remove carbon dioxide and provide the world with more oxygen.

A large tree will actually provide enough oxygen for four people. Planting trees and grass will help to improve the air quality in your yard and beyond. Landscaping is an amazing way to give back to Mother Nature.

9. You’ll Increase the Value of Your Home

Professional landscaping will greatly increase the value of your home. When potential buyers see professional landscaping, your home will appear more updated. Make a statement with a beautiful new walkway, trees, shrubs, or hardscape.

Professional landscaping can offer a 20% return on your investment when it comes to resale. Not only will it boost curb appeal, but it will also show potential buyers they have one less thing to do.

Potential buyers will see you’ve taken care of the landscaping and there is value in that alone. You’ve done the hard work and it shows.

10. Green Space Improves Well Being and Quality of Life

Creating beautiful greenspace and outdoor living areas will increase the quality of your life. Not only will you make your yard more enjoyable, but you’ll also be helping your mental and physical health.

Landscaping provides more oxygen, cleaner air, and beautiful, calming views. You’ll have a new space to sit, relax, and enjoy the company of family and friends. There is a reason dense urban cities invest money in trees and green spaces. They make people feel better.

Custom Landscaping for the Win

The benefits of custom landscaping are almost endless. From giving you more living space to improving your quality of life, custom landscaping is well worth the investment.

If you’re ready to get started on your landscaping project, fill out the contact form here to get in touch with a professional landscape designer. Get ready to enjoy your dream backyard.