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5 Out of 5 Stars on Google

Whether you’re about to put your house on the market or you simply take pride in the appearance of your home, yard clean up can go a long way. It can even affect your pocketbook, as a messy backyard can decrease your property value.

Landscaping is an excellent investment for any home, especially if you’re thinking about selling. It establishes a good first impression for potential buyers. Not only that, but you could see your property value rise as much as 20%.

You’re also likely to see your home sell quicker. Attractive landscaping can shave as much as six weeks off the amount of time your property is on the market.

But how do you use your yard to get the best return on investment? Experts recommend that homeowners invest 10 to 20% of their home’s value in landscape design improvements. The ROI is tremendous—anywhere from 100 to 200% when the property is sold—and landscaping has a big impact on resale value.

Luckily, there are some easy tips and tricks for improving your curb appeal without breaking the bank. Keep reading to learn more!

Schedule Regular Yard Clean Ups

If you decide to upgrade the look of your lawn when you put your home on the market but you haven’t shown it much care while living there, you could have a lot of work on your hands.

To avoid this overwhelming scenario, start scheduling a day every week or month where you focus on your yard. This regular maintenance will keep it looking organized and beautiful.

If you have a busy schedule, you might not be able to commit to this upkeep. Consider hiring a professional landscaping company for the job. They offer affordable maintenance plans for all budgets.

Use Native Plants

To reduce water and the need for regular maintenance incorporate native plants into your landscape design. These native plants are adapted to your local climate, weather, and soil conditions.

There are additional benefits, as well. Not only is fertilizer not necessary when it comes to native plants, but they also need fewer pesticides.

Another bonus: Local insects and wildlife love native plants. These plants also help prevent erosion and air pollution and promote biodiversity.

Apply Fresh Mulch

An easy way to keep your yard looking vibrant is to maintain your mulch. Applying fresh mulch can improve the appearance of your property, giving it a polished look.

There are various types of mulch, all made from different materials, which allows you to choose the best look for your landscaping.

Beyond the surface, there are other benefits to mulch, as well. It improves soil nutrition and helps dirt retain moisture. It also insulates plant roots, keeping them warm in cooler months.

Plant Colorful Flowers

Add a quick and easy pop of color to your garden by carefully selecting vivid flowering plants. These vibrant blooms will impress anyone viewing your home.

If you’re uncertain about where to start, consult with a professional flower planter. They can help you determine which flowers will have the biggest impact on the appearance of your yard.

Mow and Edge Your Lawn

Regularly mowing your yard is key increasing your curb appeal while your home is on the market. This presents a sharp, clean look to potential buyers.

Here’s an easy, quick tip for mowing: mow grass at an angle. As buyers arrive at your property, this angle will help draw their eyes to your home.

And when mowing, make sure you go the extra mile by edging your lawn. This will remove any scraggly patches of grass your mower didn’t catch and provide an extra polished look.  

Trim Trees and Shrubs

Another quick way to upgrade the appearance of your home is to trim the trees and shrubs on your property. Not only does this streamline the look of your lawn, but this regular maintenance is also healthy for the plants as well.

Incorporate Plants of Various Sizes, Shapes, and Colors

If your yard appears flat, this will likely seem boring to potential home buyers. Using trees, shrubs, and other plants of various sizes, shapes, and colors will liven up the look of your lawn.

This will create layers, which establish texture, depth, and balance. If it sounds too complicated to do on your own, a professional landscape gardener can help you determine which elements you should incorporate into your design.

Keep the Weeds at Bay

Not only do weeds compete with flowers, grass, and other plants in your yard for water and nutrients, but they also drag down your lawn’s appearance. It’s important to regularly pull weeds so they don’t overtake your property.

There are some easy design elements that can ward off weeds, as well. For instance, using mulch, stones, and other materials to create garden beds can help keep the weeds away. Landscaping fabric can be used for a similar outcome.

And many people don’t realize this, but your mowing habits can promote weed growth. If you cut your lawn too short, the grass blades weaken. This makes it easy for weeds to overtake your yard. So, it’s important to cut your grass to the right height.

Hire a Professional

Suffice to say, not everyone has a green thumb.

If you want to enhance the appearance of your home and yard, you might want to hire a professional to handle your yard clean up and landscaping.

Contact our team at Plant Source to learn about all we have to offer. As a full-service lawn service company, we’re passionate about creating gorgeous landscape designs that improve your curb appeal and increase your home value.