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5 Out of 5 Stars on Google

The year 2020 was not what we thought it was going to be. Instead of having an all-out party year, since most major holidays fell on Christmas, we all got locked inside.

And for those of us who hadn’t yet made our backyards a fun space for the kids or a relaxing sanctuary, the importance of a well-designed outdoor space quickly became apparent.

Hopefully, we’ll never have to face lockdown again, but you never know! Don’t make the same mistake again—be ready for anything by utilizing these 2021 landscaping trends in your backyard!

Landscaping Trends in 2021: Outdoor Living Areas

Like we said, our backyards have been more important than ever this year, and with many employers saying they’re going to continue keeping people remote, we don’t see that changing anytime soon.

The landscaping trends reflect that. We’re seeing people spend more money on backyard amenities and usable spaces than ever before.

That doesn’t mean they’re not integrating plants into those spaces, though. When creating multiple outdoor living areas, tall plants make the perfect location segregation.

Line your outdoor kitchen with small palms, any type of rocks you can think of, or even create a beautiful garden to look at while you grill with our selection of flowers and shrubbery.

Using More Native Plants

As we learn more about the environmental troubles facing Florida, like the blooms in lake Ocachobee, it’s more important to homeowners than ever to create an earth-friendly backyard.

One way we help them do that is by offering one of the biggest native plant collections in South Florida.

Why plant native plants? Decorating your yards with plants naturally found in Florida means you’ll spend less money and time watering them, you’ll reduce your yard’s water usage, and other than trimming, these plants will mostly regulate themselves.

Planting native plants also increases the likelihood that your plants will thrive, meaning that you can spend your money on the original purchase and design. You won’t have to try all sorts of different things to keep unhappy (non-native) plants alive. Not all plants can survive in the intense Florida sun!

Finally, we don’t have to ship in our native plants from all over the States or the rest of the world. That keeps our carbon footprint low—and lowers yours as well!

Natural Stone Retaining Walls

As a Floridian, you already know how wet things get in the summer. And if your property slopes or otherwise collects water, you may have looked into building a retaining wall.

Well, 2021 is the time to take that project out of the maybe pile and make it a reality.

Natural stone retaining walls are one of the landscaping trends we’re predicting in 2020. You wouldn’t believe the extensive selection of stone we have, and we’re even willing to deliver it to you!

That means no heavy hauling stones around the nursery and into your car—all orders over $100 ship free. Come in (with a mask!) and pick out your stones or call us to get a consultation.

Food Beds

Another thing we realized in 2020 was just how relaxing gardening is. In fact, you may have found yourself wishing you’d started gardening years ago, so you could have reaped the benefits over this last year.

Well, it’s not too late to start! Our native plants and massive selection assure that you’ll find whatever plants you want to grow in your yard.

The fact that we sell native strains that thrive in Florida weather will help you cultivate that green thumb you never thought you had. If you’re wondering about options or planting seasons, talk to one of our helpful employees.

Bee and Butterfly Gardens

You can’t be in the landscaping industry and not know about the global bee issue—we need to save our bees! Especially in Florida, where so much of the state’s revenue comes from that sweet Florida citrus.

Not only that but, if we don’t save the bees, we’ll lose things like:

  • Apples
  • Cherries
  • Avocados
  • Wine
  • Grapefruit
  • Almonds
  • and more!

How can you help? You can join in the 2021 landscaping trend of planting a pollinator garden. That means choosing plants (which happen to be beautiful as well) that attract bees and butterflies alike.

Clover, Baby’s Breath, Black-Eyed Susans, Cosmos, Daisys, and Coneflowers are all pollinator-friendly and grow well in Florida, just to name a few.

Custom Landscape Design

We’re moving away from the cookie-cutter landscaping design in Florida and more towards customized layouts. If you’re bored of the landscaping your home came with or want it to be better, give us a call.

We have designers on-site who can not only create a custom design for you, but they can give you an estimate before they do so, too!

2021 Landscape Designs for Your Sarasota Backyard

Which of these 2021 landscaping trends are you going to try out? Will you create the perfect outdoor living space to use between the Florida afternoon rain showers?

Create a pollinator garden to keep local bees, butterflies, and other assorted pollinators happy?

Or will you be practical and create retaining walls that will keep your property as dry as possible, without looking out of place?

What about combining all of those options by letting our landscape specialists design the perfect custom space for your home?

Those are only a few of the options we can help you with—we’re here to work with you. Please come in to see our plants or give us a call.

We can’t wait to hear from you and get started on your dream backyard!